Technology Area

Asia Pacific Research Platform
A partnership among Asian countries in APAN through the ScienceDMZ, promoted mainly in Asian countries with the aim of building a Research Platform in the Asia Pacific region
The Cloud WG sessions are designed to provide APAN members with an opportunity to discuss the latest development around Cloud-based ICT technology.
Internet of Things
No one argue against the fact that there has been very rapid development in communication and information technology (CIT) in the world. `
IPv6 WG is a forum for dialogue among participates, regarding the research, engineering, operation and various applications in favour of IPv6 in the region
Is established with the objectives of : Prepare policies and guidelines for the security architecture and to raise the security awareness and knowledge within APAN community.
Ai- Driven Networks
AINWG intends to provide all APAN members with the opportunity to efficiently design, manage, maintain, and protect their respective national and research networks
Because R&E networks have been so effective at resiliency and redundancy, many of today’s data flows between institutions are routed in ways that are not efficient. This group will identify and resolve those inefficiencies, and work with international R&E networks to ensure specified policies are being followed.
HPC / AI (BoF)
A confluence of two transformative forces- AI and HPC – promises to propel us toward a future brimming with innovation, discovery, and progress. Within the vibrant tapestry of the APAN community, this convergence holds immense potential, and the establishment of a dedicated Working Group in HPC-AI is the catalyst needed to ignite its full potential.