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About Bandung

BandungBandung is provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia. Located at main island of Indonesia, the Java Island on a highland plateau 768 meters above sea level, at 6°55' S 107°36' E.

Bandung is located 180 km southeast of Jakarta and lies at an altitude of 770 m above sea level so that it is much cooler than the coastal Indonesian capital, Jakarta. The daily average temperature ranges from 20-28oC.

Bandung has several recreational areas. Among them are tea plantations, both to the north and the south of the city, the scenery of which is indeed beautiful. The city is also rather hilly. Lembang, a famous mountain resort is only 20 minutes drive away from the ITB campus.

In the past, the city was famous for its tree-lined boulevards, fashionable shops and elegant architecture so that it was then called the Paris of Java. Some remnants of the golden era of Bandung are the Gedung Sate, Villa Isola and the ITB campus. You can also find a multitude of architecturally unique old houses on the major streets of the city. The city actually was planned to become the capital of the Netherlands Indies in the Dutch colonial era.

Today, Bandung, the capital of West Java, is described as a city of education. In and around Bandung there are three state universities, and a lot of private ones. These universities attract a large number of students from all around the country every year. This large number of students adds to the diversity of Bandung people.

Most people speak Bahasa Indonesia here but at home and on informal occasions they usually speak Sundanese. English is also widely spoken at major shops, hotels and universities. Bandung has a population of over 2 million covering an area of 9,000 hectare. Eventhough it is rather crowded, it is actually large enough to give you the feeling of a real city, but small enough to be cozy and friendly.

Savoy Homman Bidakara Hotel

Savoy Homman Bidakara HotelThe Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel is a historic luxury four stars hotel located on Asia Afrika Street, Bandung, Indonesia. It was built in 1939 replacing the 19th century Homann Hotel. Designed by the Dutch architect Albert Aalbers, the hotel features art deco exterior and interior, and historic furniture. It is an architectural heritage and a fine example of art deco colonial architecture of the East Indies.
Savoy Homann was one of the biggest hotel in South East Asia, and it had became a sojourn place of many distinguished delegations for the occasion of Asia Africa Conference, PATA Conference and Asia Africa Islamic Conference.
Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel remains its reputation as one of the historical spot in the city of Bandung and still always welcoming their guests with the uniqueness hospitality of the Sundanese peoples.

About Bandung

Bandung has several recreational areas. Among them are tea plantations, both to the north and the south of the city, the scenery of which is indeed beautiful.



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