Workshop: Climate Changes: Impact estimation to major crops in Asian Monsoon Region
Chairman :
Masayuki Hirafuji (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan) [ hirafuji AT ]
Teruaki Nanseki (Kyushu University, Japan) [nanseki AT]
Masaru Mizuguchi (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
Members :
APAN Agricultural Working Group, Japanese Project "Climatic changes and evaluation of their effects on agriculture in Asian monsoon region" under "Green Network of Excellence" program supported by MEXT Japan.
Objectives :
Exchange their experiments on:
  1. Development of information system on agro-meteorological and climatological data.
  2. Evaluation of land surface conditions on climate characteristic in Asian monsoon region by utilizing climate model outputs.
  3. Elucidation of climate changes on major crops in Asian monsoon region by field surveys and development of evaluation system by utilizing meteorological data and crop models.
  4. Development of information network to design adaptation strategies of major crops against the predicted climatic changes and to evaluate the mitigation potential by reducing green house gases from agricultural sector.
Target Audience :
Researchers from the field of Crop Models, Agro-Meteorology, Climate Models.
Expected Number of Participants :
Agenda :
Session Chairs: Seishi Ninomiya (U. Tokyo) and Takuji Kiura (NARO).

Tentative Speakers:
  1. Dr. Kei Tanaka (NARO, JAPAN) : "Climatic changes and evaluation of their effects on agriculture in Asian monsoon region" - Slides


    Japanese research project "Climatic changes and evaluation of their effects on agriculture in Asian monsoon region" under "Green Network of Excellence (GRENE)" program supported by MEXT Japan has started during the five years between 2011 and 2015. The purposes of this project are to improve the reliability of the climatic prediction in the Asian monsoon region, and to construct basic information for the adaptation and mitigation plan of agriculture for the climate change. The research goal of our group belonging to NARC is the clarification of the influence of the climate change on major crops in the Asian monsoon region.

    Concretely, a system that can simulate the cultivation under various conditions (cultivar, weather, and cultivation management) will be constructed by using growth models of crops actually cultivated in Asian monsoon region, and weather and cultivating data observed in the region. The influence of the climate change given to the crop cultivation can be evaluated by giving the same influence to this system as parameter values. The feature of this system is flexibility into which a user can change crop models by according to a targeted crop, available weather data, and data resolution. Moreover, a possibility map of crop cultivation can be made by executing the system in the grid, and meteorological grid data is acquired through MetBroker. Various results that the system achieved can be seen through the Web application, and they will be provided to a researcher, an agricultural extension officer, and a farmer through human network constructed with this project.

  2. Dr. Hiroe Yoshida (NARO, JAPAN) : "Development of a rice growth model for early warning and decision support systems" - Slides
  3. HONDA Kiyoshi - Chubu U., Daroowan Kamthonkiat - Thammasat U., Sujittra Charoenhirunyingyos - Kasetsart U, Chudech Losiri - Asian Institute of Technology, Rassarin Chinnachodteeranun - Asian Institute of Technology: "A Survey on Crop Model Applications in Thailand under GRENE" - Slides
  4. Budi I. Setiawan, K.Honda, R. Chinnachodteeranun, Gardjito, M.Taufik (IPB, Indonesia ): "Survey on the Development of Crop Models in Indonesia" - Slides
  5. [Invited] Pisuth paiboonrat (NECTEC, Thailand): "Smart Farm and Agriculture Services Innovation" - Slides
Remarks :
Videoconference will be provided.

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