Workshop: Practical Usage of ICT in Agriculture & Group Meeting
Chairman :
Masayuki Hirafuji (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan) [ hirafuji AT ]
Teruaki Nanseki (Kyushu University, Japan) [nanseki AT]
Members :
APAN Agricultural Working Group
Objectives :
Today, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are used in Agriculture. In this workshop,
  1. We would like to share our experiences relating ICT utilization in Agriculture.
  2. We also exchange ideas how to apply advanced ICT to agriculture with ICT researchers.
Target Audience :
Researchers from the field of Agriculture, Offices in Agricultural extensions, ICT researchers interested in agricultural applications.
Expected Number of Participants :
Agenda :
Session Chairs: Takuji Kiura, J. Adinarayana.

Tentative Speakers:
  1. [Invited from SNWG] Kamol Kaemarungsi (NECTEC): "Development and Deployment of ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks for Precision Agriculture in Sugarcane Field" - Slides


    To help study the effectiveness of different types of water irrigation technique in sugarcane field, a set of ZigBee based wireless sensor nodes were deployed to measure soil moisture and other important environmental parameters. The system was developed based on hardware and software that follow ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless sensor network standards. The data collected from the field in up-country was relayed back to a centralized web server in Bangkok via GPRS wireless wide area network.

    This presentation will discuss on the problems encountered during the development and the deployment of a mesh topology network in the actual sugarcane field.

  2. Yasunori Saito (Shinshu University, Japan):"Massive examples; How to use AGRISERVER data" - Slides


    "AGRISERVER" which is a real-time agricultural sensing network system has been operating for several years in OBUSE town, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Now, we have stored much data on field environment, crop growth status, working scene and others. To open such data to the public, a portal site named .Know-Live. was created. In this presentation, some data applications are given. They are data usage for 1) IT farming; farmers use data from the AGRISERVER for the management of their own farms, 2) communication between farmers and people; they can insert comment and make conversation watching the data displayed on Know-Live, 3) agribusiness; AGRISERVER data are used as a material for advertisement and promotion in agricultural industries, and 4) education; we took a class for AGRISERVER at KURIGAOKA elementary school where students learned how AGRISERVER operated and how to use Know-Live, also computers with large displays were set up at OBUSE town hall and at OBUSE town library for better understanding agriculture as their main industry through Know-Live.

  3. Kazuki Kobayashi (Shinshu Univ. Japan): "Cloud-based Facile Field data collection" - Slides


    In this study, we develop a cloud-based monitoring system to reduce maintenance costs. The image data collected by a digital camera in the system is directly transferred to Flickr by using Eye-Fi wireless memory card. The temperature data collected by a micro controller is directly transferred to Twitter. The data visualization software integrates such cloud data and shows collected images and a temperature time series graph. The software is developed as a Google Chrome extension and users can easily install and use it. This system requires no server for data accumulation and data publication.

  4. Tokihiro Fukatsu (NARO, Japan): "Possibility of Mobile Robot Field Server" - Slides
Group Meeting Chaired by Masayuki Hirafuji & Teruaki Nanseki
  • Selection Co-chairs for next 2 years
  • Working Group Plan for next 2 years
  • Agriculture Working Group Mailing List
  • Update APAN AGWG Web Page
Remarks :
Videoconference will be provided.

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