SIP Workshop & SIP/H.323 Working Group Meeting
Chairman :
Chair: Quincy Wu
Co-chair: Nimal Ratnayake
Chair-elect: Bill Efthimiou
Members :
Leon Lee
Pujan Srivatava
Darren Coleman
C. W. Tan
Objectives :
The objective of the workshop is to provide NREN representatives with the technical knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to set up their own SIP communication infrastructure, and to encourage them to peer with the APAN SIP peering service.
Target Audience :
Those responsible for operating the voice and video communication systems of APAN member organizations / Anyone who is interested in peering with the APAN SIP peering service.
Expected Number of Participants :
30 (Maximum)
Agenda :
SIP Workshop
  1. SIP Overview (theory). (Bill Efthimiou - 1.5 hours) - Slides
    1. Telephony Overview
    2. RTP Basics
    3. SIP Basics
    4. SIP Message Headers
    5. SIP Addressing and DNS
    6. SIP Transactions and Dialogs
    7. SDP Basics - Slides
    8. SIP B2BUA
    9. SIP trunking and peering
  2. Asterisk Overview and SIP trunking (practical). (Pujan Srivastava - 1.5 hours) - Slides
  3. SIP Server routing (practical). (Nimal Ratnayake . 4.5 hours) - Slides Set 1, Slides Set 2
    1. Introduction to OpenSIPS/Camalio and its modules
    2. Call Routing logic
    3. Configuration for peering with local institutions
    4. Configuration for peering with APAN peering service
    5. Troubleshooting
  4. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Overview and SIP trunking (practical). (Bill Efthimiou - 1.5 hours) - Sldes
    1. Basic setup
    2. Partitions
    3. Calling Search Spaces
    4. Number Manipulation
    5. SIP trunking
    6. Early offer vs Delayed offer
SIP/H.323 Working Group Meeting
Session Chairs: Quincy Wu/Bill Efthimiou
Remarks :
We would need the following resources:
  1. A server with 8 processors, 12GB RAM, 400GB Hard disk from Monday to Wednesday.
  2. At least 64 globally routable IP addresses without NAT.
  3. Video Conferencing Facility for the working group meeting (last session)

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