APAN Proceedings - Review and Discussion
Chairman :
Chris Elvidge (chris.elvidge AT noaa.gov)
Suhaimi Napis (suhaimi AT putra.upm.edu.my)
Members :
Objectives :
An open-access peer-reviewed all-APAN proceedings was established at the 29th APAN. The system is hosted at Universiti Putra Malaysia and proceedings have been published for the 30th, 31st, and 32nd APAN meetings. The online submission system was initiated for the 31st APAN. An online review system was established for the 32nd APAN. This session will provide an overview of the call-for-papers, submission, review and publication systems. The session has an open structure to facilitate questions and discussion on ways to improve the quality and visibility of the proceedings.
Target Audience :
Current and prospective authors.
Expected Number of Participants :
Agenda :
Co-Chairs :Chris Elvidge and Suhaimi Napis
Speakers: TBD. - Slides
Remarks :
WiFi and VTC access.

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