APAN 34 Venue

Connamon Grand - Colombo 3

Situated in the heart of Colombo's business, shopping and entertainment centre, just 35 kms from the airport, Cinnamon Grand has been awarded the "best 5 star city hotel" in the country at the most recently held Presidential awards for travel & tourism.

The venue for the conference is centred around the Oak Room

This is the Colombo's largest and most versatile ballroom. Contemporary and classic decor blend tastefully in interiors that include amber chandeliers and oak wood panels. With a generous seating capacity of 1000 participants conference style or 500 guests banquet style, intelligent lighting allowing for special effects, and flexible layout using operable partitions, it's easy to turn the most mundane event into an unforgettable spectacle.

The Oak Room can be split into four rooms and three of the rooms have the flexibility to open into the pre-function areas. The partitions enable the rooms to achieve an acoustic rating of STC 53 for world class noise control performance.

The pre-fuction area in front of the Oak room will be used for registration, mid-session tea, and information counters. Lunch will be served in the Atrium, a very special and picturesque place in the venue.

Within few hundred meters from the Cinnamon Grand you find the Gall Face Green, a world-famous promenade where you can have a spledid view of the Indian Ocean, a partial view of the Colombo harbour, a beautiful skyline of the Colombo city and at the sunset a spectacular view of the Sun going beyond the horizon.

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