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Home > Program > Session > EM & AG WG Joint Session
Satellite Remote Sensing for Rice Monitoring in Asia - (Room 102)
Chairman : Chris Elvidge
Members : Joint Workshop under Earth Monitoring & Agriculture Working Groups
Objectives : The purpose of the workshop is to review the classes of satellite data types providing observations relevant to rice monitoring in Asia. At the end of the second session there will be an election of new chair or co-chairs for the Earth Monitoring Working Group for two year terms.
Target Audience : Meteorological, agricultural and natural resource management scientists from academia, commercial and government sectors.
Expected Number of Participants : 15
Agenda : Session 01
  1. VIIRS data products relevant to rice monitoring (Elvidge) - Slides
  2. JAXA data sources (Genya Saito) - Slides
  3. Korea Aerospace Research Institute sources (Yongseung Kim - invited) - Slides
Session 02
  1. Rain rate data from multiple passive microwave instruments (Elvidge) - Slides
  2. Data services from direct readout ground stations (Prof. Saitoh, Hokkaido University) - Slides
  3. Election of new chair or co-chairs for EM-WG.
Remarks : Seating Arrangement: U Shape