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Home > Program > Session > EM & AG WG Joint Session
Rice Monitoring in Asia - (Room 102)
Chairs : Takuji Kiura,
Chris Elvidge,
Pisuth Paiboonrat,
J Adiranayana,
Yenu Wan
Members : Earth Monitoring and Agriculture Working Groups
Objectives : GEOGLAM Asia-Rice Crop Monitoring, is a contribution to GEO, tries to monitor the current status of rice field and estimate yield of rice in Asia. Some of members in AGWG is monitoring rice field using WSN. Members of GRENE ei project are developing a crop growth model execution service. In this session, we would like to discuss what we can archive under the collaboration among those activities and how to collaborate actually.
Target Audience : Enyone interested in rice monitoring in Asia
Expected Number of Participants : 20
Agenda : Session Chairs: Takuji Kiura & Pisuth Paiboonrat
  1. Genya Saito (JAXA, EMWG), (30 min)
    Asia Rice Crop Monitoring for Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Global Agriculture Monitoring (Asia-RiCE GEOGLAM) - Slides
  2. Pisuth Paiboonrat (NECTEC), (30 min)
    Soil Fertility mapping services with UAV in Thailand (Model parameter estimation) - Slides
  3. Kei Tanaka (NARO, AgWG, GRENE-ei CAAM), (30 min)
    DSSAT Execution Framework for Prediction System for Double Cropping Optimization in Thailand - Slides
  4. Satoshi Sekiguchi (AIST), (30 min)
    Growing Technologies, infrastructure and Communities in Asia for Earth Observation - Slides
  5. AgWG co-chairs (10 min)
    APAN Agriculture Showcase
  6. Country reports
    Sensor Networks in Agriculture
    • (Shigeto Sudo, Japan, GRENE-ei CAAM) (10 min)
    • (Anyone who know SN in Agriculture, especailly in rice field) (5-10 min)
  7. Discussion
Remarks : Videoconferencing facility required
Seating Arrangement: U shape