Call for Papers

Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Advanced Network

30th Meeting, August 9-13, 2010 Hanoi, Vietnam

Editor: Chris Elvidge, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA [chris.elvidge@noaa.gov]

With this meeting APAN launches an all APAN proceedings, which will be published online.Papers are invited from presenters in any of the scheduled sessions. There is no requirement for presenters to submit a paper.However, any presenter is welcome to submit a paper. Each submitted paper will be reviewed by three independent reviewers.In some cases papers will be accepted provisionally, with specific changes recommended for revision prior to final acceptance.APAN aims to provide a forum for graduate students, faculty and researchers in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to exchange information on their research activities that are based on or make use of high bandwidth networks. Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the workshop chairs to discuss and refine the concept for their papers.The session schedule available at (http://www.apan.net/meetings/Hanoi2010/schedule.php) has links to descriptions of the session and a listing of the session chairs.Two rounds of reviews will be conducted.Round one is designed to provide authors with decisions two months prior to the APAN meeting start.Round two will be used to review papers submitted after the initial submission deadline and up to the final submission deadline, two weeks after the APAN meeting.No variance is anticipated in the submission deadline due dates.

Important dates:

2010.3.20     Call for papers released.

Ongoing       Submission of titles and abstract to WG chairs and editor.

2010.8.9-13    30th APAN, Hanoi, Vietnam

2010.8.30     Paper submission deadline.

2010.9.1-29 Review and scoring of papers.

2010.9.30     Notification of reviews.

2010.10.30     Final papers due.

2010.11.30   Proceedings publication date.

Instruction for authors:

Papers should use the designated template [Download Here]. There is no set page limit, but in general six to ten pages should be sufficient for most papers.Authors are welcome to use color figures and can submit ancillary media content that can be posted for download alongside their paper.Contact the editor (chris.elvidge@noaa.gov) for instructions on how to submit papers.Authors should print out, sign, scan and submit a creative commons licensing agreement available from the proceeding website [Download Here].At least one of the authors on each paper must attend the 30th APAN and present the paper.

After the round one and round two submission deadlines, the editor will organize a review panel based on consultation with the Program Committee and session chairs. Each paper will be rated by three reviewers.The review form is available for authorís perusal [Download Here].The rejection rate on each round is set at 20%.

Fellowship and award: APAN will announce a fellowship program, providing financial support for applicants from developing countries in the APAN region.The fellowships cover the registration fee and lodging (no airfare).Round one submitters will have decisions back on their papers in time to have these results considered by the Fellowship Committee.


Documents to Download:

1) Template for papers
2) Peer review form
3) Creative commons license agreement


If you have any questions, please contact the organizing team at ongbl@singaren.net.sg .

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