Future Internet Testbed Workshop
 Chairman :

James G. Williams (williams@indiana.edu)
Shinji Shimojo (sshinji@nict.go.jp)

 Members :

James G. Williams (williams@indiana.edu)
Shinji Shimojo (sshinji@nict.go.jp)
Dae Young Kim (dykim@cnu.kr)

 Objectives :

This session will provide an opportunity for both network engineers and network researchers to present and learn about the current state and future plans for network testbed development in Asia and globally.

 Target Audience : Network researchers and engineers involved with or interested in network testbed development activities globally.
 Expected Number of Participants :  80
 Agenda : 0900 - 0910 Welcome and Introduction (Shimojo, APII, NICT)

0910 - 0920 Welcome message from NIA (NIA, APII)

0920 - 1030 Session 1 : Large FIT activities - Chair: Jim Williams

Session 1-1: Chris Small, Experiences we have seen in the operational deployment of OpenFlow   Slide Download Here
Session 1-2: Vasilis Maglaris, Future Internet Experiments over National Research & Education Networks: The Use Cases of FEDERICA and NOVI over European NRENs - GEANT   Slide Download Here
Session 1-3: Seung-Joon Seok, OpenFlow based Future Internet Testbed on KOREN   Slide Download Here

1030 - 1100 Break

1100 - 1230 Session 2 : Asian based FIT activities Chair: Dae Young Kim

Session 2-1: Sueng-Yong Park, Construction of Overlay Network on KOREN by Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) Protocol and MP-BGP   Slide Download Here
Session 2-2: Jin Tanaka, Utilization of ION/DCN for infrastructure of Future Internet   Slide Download Here
Session 2-3: Aki Nakao, Updates on CoreLab and Vnode Research   Slide Download Here
Session 2-4: Simon Lin, Future Internet Testbed Plan for WLCG   Slide Download Here

1230 - 1400. Lunch Break - Discussion of APAN Future Internet Testbed Working Group [FIT-WG] Revisit the proposed WG Charter and discuss the activity directions of the WG.

1400 - 1530 Session 3 : FIT infrastructure components Chair: Shinji Shimojo

Session 3-1: Jun Bi, The FI related Research in China   Slide Download Here
Session 3-2: Kanchana Kanchanasut, Application Layer Multicast on PlanetLab: an Experience   Slide Download Here
Session 3-3: Sanggyun Kim, Broadcasting Collaboration experience on APII future network testbed   Slide Download Here
Session 3-4: Sergi Figuerola, GEYSERS, a generalized architecture for dynamic infrastructure services   Slide Download Here

1530 - 1540 Workshop Wrap-up and next steps (All)   Slide Download Here
 Remarks :

Need ability to have remote presentations
Avoid conflict with Network engineering workshop
Joint with APII workshop

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