HDTV Session
 Chairman :  Andrew Howard (The Australian National University)
 Objectives :  This HDTV session provides attendees with an opportunity to discuss the latest development around the network-based delivery of HD (high-definition)/4K video technology, High Definition Video Conferencing, lecture capture and delivery, emerging video technologies.
 Target Audience :  HD Video managers, Medical Technologists, Content Producers, Network Researchers.
 Expected Number of Participants :    20
 Agenda : Member status update (40 minutes)
Brent Sweeney (Internet2) - Telepresence Exchange
Andrew Howard (ANU) - Technology update
HK Stereoscopic surgery collaboration with Medical WG
Working group business (10 minutes)
 Remarks :  SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing Facility for remote participation and remote speakers.

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