Network Security Workshop
 Chairman :  Yoshiaki Kasahara <kasahara@nc.kyushu-u.ac.jp>
 Yasuichi Kitamura <kita@jp.apan.net>
 Objectives :  
  1. To raise the security awareness and knowledge within APAN community.
  2. To exchange experience and knowledge in network security technologies and issues.
  3. To cooperate with other international security efforts to raise security awareness, capabilities and interoperation globally.
 Security related topics includes protection of the physical, intellectual, and electronic assets of the APAN and other network, including its security policies, network access controls, virus protection, network administration, auditing, and transaction security.

 Target Audience :  Researchers, Scientists, Network Engineers
 Expected Number of Participants :  30 - 50
 Agenda : 1. Community Security in TRNC TP3 and ACE (* remote *)   Presentation Slides
Speaker: Doug Pearson (REN-ISAC)

2. Perpetuation of Mobile Computing and Usability Limitations in Cyber Security Framework
Speaker: Rania Mokhtar (Universiti Putra Malaysia)

Abstract: Securing mobile devices and mobile data to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of both data and security applications requires special consideration to be paid to the typical, mobile environment in which a mobile computing device would typically be utilized. Protecting mobile devices involves multiple security technologies such as identification of its particular user, data encryption, physical locking devices, monitoring and tracing software, and alarms. In this paper, we review the risks applied to mobile computing in the context of cyber security, we discuss the security-specific hardware and software applied to mobile computing and cyber security requirements and policies in current standards and introduce the missing part. Then we consider the concept of usability constraint in context of mobile computing security and introduce the seamless security method for the identity proof of a particular user,or device.

3. Current state of DNSSEC (* remote *)   Presentation Slides
Speaker: Masato Minda (JPRS, Japan)
Abstract :
DNSSEC is a new security feature of DNS. In this presentation, it speaks the necessity of DNSSEC, its mechanism, current status, and the note of DNSSEC operation.

 Remarks :  Video Conference System

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