Sensor Network Workshop
 Chairman :  Eui-Nam Huh ( KyungHee University, Korea )
 Co-Chairman :  Lasse Thiem ( FOKUS, Germany )
 Susumu Takeuchi( NICT, Japan )
 Basuki Suhardiman ( ITB, Indonesia )
 Secretariat :  Reza Khoshdelniat ( MIMOS, Malaysia )
 Objectives : SensNet WG encourages the collaboration of technical experiences and knowledge regarding SNs, and will develop a scalable, sustainable, and easy-to-deploy technical environment for utilizing collected sensing data among SNs deployed in each country.
 The detail objectives are as follows:
  1. Encourage SN deployment and federation
    • Exchange SN deployment cases, technical issues and experiences
    • Standardize SN description (access method/policy, specifications, protocols) and application interface (access method, query language) by utilizing external standards
  2. Federate for sensing data utilization
    • Develop a federated framework to discovery any resources in heterogeneous SNs for supporting varieties of applications
    • Ensure the scalability of a federated framework that can handle over millions of sensor nodes for realizing low-cost federation
 Target Audience :  Sensor network and its application researchers and developers who are interested in.
 Expected Number of Participants :  30
 Agenda :  
 11:00 - 12:30
 Group Meeting
 Chair : Susumu Takeuchi
 WG Activity Discussion :   Slide Download Here
  • Share backgrounds and policy of our activities
  • Arrangement of challenging issues and its scope
  • Future Plan
  • AOB
  • Design Issues in Global Sensor Data Sharing (Eui-Nam Huh, KyungHee University, Korea)   Slide Download Here

 14:00 - 15:30
 SensNet Activities
 Chair : Eui-Nam Huh
  1. IP-USN updates & Activities in KOREA (Hyunho Choi, NIA, Korea)  Slide Download Here
  2. 6LoWPAN Applications and Developments for the Internet Of Things (Reza Khoshdelniat / Gopinath Rao Sinniah, MIMOS, Malaysia)  Slide Download Here
  3. X-Sensor ver.2: a mobile-agent supported sensor network testbed (Tomoki Yoshihisa, Osaka University, Japan)  Slide Download Here
  4. MetroWSN - Metropolitan Area Sensor Networks (Thomas Luckenbach, FOKUS, Germany)   Slide Download Here

 16:00 - 17:30
 Agriculture Applications
 Chair : Basuki Suhardiman
(Joint session w/ AG-WG)
  1. A Sensor Data Gathering Framework for Agricultural-Fields: Implementation and Experiment Report (Hideya Ochiai, Tokyo University, Japan)  Slide Download Here
  2. Invited talk 1 from AG-WG : Application development environment of Sensor Service GRID (HONDA Kiyoshi, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)   Slide Download Here
  3. Invited talk 2 from AG-WG : Data Integration and Analysis System(DIAS) and Sensor Network for Agriculture (Takuji Kiura / Masayuki Hirafuji / Kei Tanaka, NARO, Japan, Masaru Mizoguchi / Seishi Ninomiya, University of Tokyo, Japan)   Slide Download Here
  4. Concluding Remarks (Susumu Takeuchi, NICT, Japan)
 Remarks :  Videoconference will be provided.

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