e-Research Area Discussion
 Chairman :  Chris Elvidge and Suhaimi Napis
 Objectives :

Given the common interests and participant base of the research and science working groups within APAN does it make sense for these working groups to form a single Area? At present there is a Natural Resources Area, which has the Earth Monitoring WG and the Agriculture WG. Other research oriented WG ’ s, such as eScience, eCulture, Sensor Networks, are not affiliated with an Area. Would having a common Area focused on science and research would facilitate in the development of session tracks and contribute towards a wider cross fertilization and growth for this branch of the APAN community? Join us for a discussion.

 Target Audience :  Members of the APAN research and science community.
 Expected Number of Participants :  30
 Candidate Session Chairs and Speakers with Topics :

The chairs will lead an open discussion by the participants.

 Agenda :   1. eResearchArea Discussion - Chris Elvidge, Suhaimi Napis    Slide Download Here
  2. e-Research WG - Bani Lara    Slide Download Here
  3. ON A SOLUTION TO OVERCOME THE LIMITATIONS IN CONNECTING NATIONAL RESEARCH EDUCATION NETWORK - Nguyen Tai Tuyen ( Data Center, PTIT-Vietnam ), Wan Noor Asiah Bt Wan Mohamad Nawi ( ICT Training, Malaysia ), Pham Thi Nguyen Thu ( Fundamental department, PTIT-Vietnam )   Slide Download Here

 Remarks :  VTC or telecom for remote participants.

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