Future Internet Testbed Working Group Meeting
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Abstract :
Agenda : Monday 1.00pm-5.30pm

Moderator: James Williams

  • John Hicks (Indiana University), International SDN at Indiana University
  • Jong Won Kim (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology - GIST), Update on OF@TEIN SDN-enabled Testbed
  • Jun Bi (Tsinghua University), TUNOS: a new Network Operating System in FINE project
  • Jin Tanaka (KDDI/NICT), Integration NSI and SDN

    In order to improve usability and agility of network infrastructure as same as computing infrastructure for cloud applications, network needs to be automatically controlled by the software without any manual operations. The NSI(Network Services Interface) is a framework able to deliver the connectivity services (i.e. transport provisioning) over multi-domain. SDN is a model for defining the intra-domain forwarding and switching behavior of networks. We integrate NSI, OpenFlow and PerfSONAR functions to realize multi-domain SDN. This talk focus on development of the system based on OpenFlow Controller which has NSI capability and northbound API for PerfSONAR measurement system. I will show the demo which we performed at SC12 and will touch on some lessons learned from the demo. Then, I will also suggest the possibilities for dynamic testbed federations by integration of NSI and SDN.

Tuesday 3:30pm-5:00pm

Moderator: Shinji Shomojo

  • Te Lung (NCHC - Taiwan (remote)), SDN Researches over TWAREN
  • Katsushi Kobayashi, Current status of Japan OpenFlow testbed "RISE"
  • Aki Naka, TBA
  • Masatoshi Enomoto, A Challenge on Collaborative Testbed Federation between Heterogeneous Testbeds - a case study on StarBED and Deterlab

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