ICDT for Natural Resource Management
Chair : Takuji Kiura
Abstract :
Agenda : Speakers:
  1. Alisher Akber (NICT, Japan) - Trust-based Security Measurements in Wireless Sensor Networks - Slides
  2. Eui-Nam Huh (Kyung Hee University, Korea) - Cloud Computing and IoT: Challenges and Opportunities - Slides
  3. Takashi Kimata (NICT, Japan) - Building Cyber-Physical Sensing Infrastructure based on Service-Controlled Networking - Slides
  4. Borhanuddin Bin Mohd Ali (UPM, Malaysia) - WSN Implementations in Malaysia -- issues and challenges - Slides
  5. Susumu Takeuchi (NTT) - Agent-based service platform for federating distributed heterogeneous sensors and its data processing - Slides
  6. Yasunori Saito (Shinshu University, Japan) - A new cloud-network based spectroscopic information sensing AGRISERVER for supporting the branding of agricultural products - Slides


    In this work, the authors report on the current progress of a joint research project called "a new cloud-network based spectroscopic information sensing AGRISERVER for supporting the branding of agricultural products (project #122304001)" funded by MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication) SCOPE (Strategic Information and Communication Program) grant. This project is based on the AGRISERVER which is a real-time agricultural sensing network system operating for several years in Obuse town, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, and we report on development of a new AGRISERVER which will make it possible to collect spectroscopic data of agricultural products growing in fields through the Internet. Researchers from Shinshu Univ., Niigata Univ., NARO Agricultural Research Center (NARO/ARC), and NARO Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center (NARO/HARC) collaborate in this project. The main research subject of Shinshu Univ. is the development of spectroscopic devices that can connect to ICT equipment such as smart phones; Niigata Univ. is developing a color chart to evaluate the growth stages of products; NARO/ARC is responsible for the data handling software for converting spectroscopic data to XML format and a mobile sensing robot with spectroscopic devices; NARO/HARC is constructing open-cloud-platform to realize spectroscopic sensing.

  7. Tokihiro Fukatsu (NARO, Japan) - Case studies of customized Field Server system for practical use - Slides
  8. Kazuki Kobayashi (Shinshu University, Japan) - Smartphone-based spectroscopic device and cloud-based agricultural data collection - Slides


    In this study, we introduce a smartphone-based spectroscopic device and cloud-based agricultural data collection technology that we have developed. A camera equipped on a smartphone is used as an image sensor to obtain spectroscopic data from a target plant by using a handmade collimating tube with a transmission grating (1000 lp/mm). The goal of our study is to develop a smart tool for farmers to see a growth level of their plants based on the spectroscopic data. In addition, we develop a cloud-based agricultural data collection system that consists field monitoring high-definition cameras, temperature sensors, public cloud services, and photovoltaic units because environmental and crop plant data including the spectroscopic data are needed to easily and stably collect to a research and development institutions. We discuss the effectiveness of the proposed device and system.

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