Backbone Committee
Chairman :   Dae Young Kim
 Members :   Representatives for NRENs and Intentional links
 Objectives:   To provide an overall picture of all APAN backbone as well as NREN links.

 Target Audience :   Everyone interested
 Expected Number of Participants :   30

   Speaker :    Topic :
   DY Kim    Opening
   George McLaughlin    Overview of APAN Links
   Kazunori Konishi    APAN NOC, JP links
   Jim Williams    TransPAC
   David West    TEIN3
   DK Kim    Gloriad
   Achmad Husni Thamrin, Keio University    AI3
   Greg Cole    TAJ
   TBD    Other short updates
   ALL    Discussion
   DY Kim    Wrap-up

 Remarks :   

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