Tutorial: SIP-based VoIP Hands-On Workshop
 Chairman :  Nimal Ratnayake (nimalr@learn.ac.lk)
 Members :  Quincy Wu (solomon _at_ voip.edu.tw)
  Nimal Ratnayake (nimalr _at_ learn.ac.lk)
 Objectives :  To get participants understanding the flexibility and power of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and how it is applied in VoIP system. Basic topics including service deployment, authentication, PSTN gateway. Advanced SIP topics including the issues of peering, security, and service creation may also be covered.
 Target Audience :  APAN Members to participate in SIP, and Researchers wanting to work with SIP, and industry Network Engineers.
 Expected Number of Participants :  30
 Agenda :


 Remarks :  
  1. Room set up in Class Room Shape with two Projectors.
  2. Room with open Internet access.
  3. SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing Facility for remote participation and remote speakers.
  4. Public IPv4/IPv6 addressed that are reachable from the Internet.
  5. A 4-to-1 KVM switch which can connect to 3 laptops concurrentlly.

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