SIP-H323 Working Group
 Chairman :  Quincy Wu (solomon@2010.ipv6.club.tw)
 Members :  Quincy Wu (solomon@voip.edu.tw)
  Nimal Ratnayake (nimalr@learn.ac.lk)
 Objectives :  Update by delegates to present SIP/H323 deployments, Review of projects progress.
 Target Audience :  SIP/H323 Users; Voice and Video Support Staff; Researchers of H323, SIP, Presence and Instant Messaging.
 Expected Number of Participants :  30-50
 Agenda :


 Remarks :  (1) Room with open Internet access in which participants get public IPv4/IPv6 addresses which are reachable from the Internet.
 (2) SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing Facility for remote participation and remote speakers.

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