E-Research Workshop and Discussion
 Chairman :  Chris Elvidge [ Chris.Elvidge@noaa.gov ] and Suhaimi Napis [ suhaimi@putra.upm.edu.my ]
 Objectives :

  The establishment of an eResearch Area was approved at the 30th APAN through the merger of the Application Technology Area (Medical, HDTV, eScience, Middleware, and eCulture) and the Natural Resources Area (Agriculture and Earth Monitoring). The primary objective of this session is to chose an eResearch Area director, who will serve a two year term.

 Target Audience :   Members of the scientific and research communities.
 Expected Number of Participants :   20
 Agenda :

1. Session chairs will provide an overview of the eResearch Area: rationale, objectives, and review of the working groups who are part of the eResearch Area.   Slides

2. Discussion.

3. Nomination and selection of an eResearch Area Director.

 Remarks :   

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