Dear Delegate,
We would appreciate your feedback on the 41st APAN Meeting in Manila, Philippines. Your valued feedback will contribute to the improvement of the quality of future APAN meetings.

Please note that you can provide feedback on the overall programme first and then proceed to provide feedback on individual sessions. If you would like to proceed to the sessions section without providing feedback on the overall programme, please use the button at the bottom of the page.
Feedback on the overall program
How was the venue?  Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Extremely Poor
How were the Audio-visual equipment in session rooms?  Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Extremely Poor
How was the technical support (AV/IT/People)?  Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Extremely Poor
How was the food?  Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Extremely Poor
How was transportation  Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Extremely Poor
How were the social events (reception, banquet, etc.)  Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Extremely Poor
How were the accommodation facilities?  Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Extremely Poor
How was the overall programme?  Excellent          Good          Fair          Poor          Extremely Poor
If your answer for any question above was "Poor" or "Extremely Poor",
or if you have any suggestions, please comment

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