ADB Thematic Workshop: Awareness-Raising of Potentials, Risks and Costs of Regional Economic Integration
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Objectives : In Asia, developing middle-income economies are increasingly requesting knowledge dialogues on good practice approaches that lead to more inclusive distributions of benefits, opportunities, risks and costs from RCI. The objective of the Workshop is to address the challenges of economic integration in Asia where the regional R&E Network community such as APAN may play a pivotal role. This Workshop may help building the capacity of the stakeholders, provide connectivity beyond common reach, ensure fora to raise awareness and knowledge sharing, improvise local presence for the Asia Pacific communities. In this Workshop, audience exchanges knowledge and experiences as well as to derive common recommendations with respect to scenarios / clusters of cases which raise awareness on potentials, risks and costs of intra-regional economic and trade integration. This in turn will be instructive for clarifying the role of various policy instruments and related knowledge tools in impacting intra- and inter-regional competitiveness, as well as inclusiveness through better corridor connectivity.
Target Audience : ICT experts interested in Economic Integration, developmental economists as well as experts in RCI instruments and knowledge tools.
Expected Number of Participants : 30
Agenda :

Impact Assessment Systems - Hans-Peter Brunner - Slides

Regional Economic Infrastructure - Giuseppe Maggiore - Slides

Seating Arrangement : Classroom
Video Conferencing Facility : No
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