Cloud BOF
Chairs : Shigetoshi Yokoyama (NII-JP)
Eric Yen (ASGC-TW)
Members : Jong Won Kim(KR), Jun Bi(CN), Rene Mendoz(PH)
Objectives :

Handling and exploiting big data efficiently are essential in moving toward 2025. Sharing of data, tools, and knowledge etc. by distributed storage and computing are necessary to realize the vision. Cloud computing aims to provide flexible and dynamic services-oriented solutions by making good use of shared resources. R&E networks can supply more than connectivity. The Cloud BoF is targeting on developing common frameworks and collective influences (together with APAN and members) for the future application infrastructures and for multiple user communities.

Challenges of Cloud computing are not just the efficiency to reach seamless connectivity, seamless federated access, seamless roaming and resource brokerage, etc. but also the common requirements from information lifecycle perspectives. Objectives of the Cloud BoF are to evaluate the key cloud technology/application/solutions for the future APAN, to incubate innovations by providing test bed for POC, and to create guidelines for Cloud solution development, by working with other WGs.

In fact, the BoF is the starting point to convene the community in APAN and to form a Working Group on Cloud Computing based on the design/agreement of the BoF.


  1. Key technology and applications evaluation for the future APAN: such as the data and tools sharing mechanism, long-term preservation, new network features, security and confidentiality, accounting and monitoring, support for IoT and Smart City, etc.
  2. Guidelines on Cloud application and solution development: for instance, standardization, authentication and authorization infrastructure, inter-cloud federation, hybrid cloud integration, etc.
  3. Providing test bed for innovative projects and support the POC.
Target Audience : Open for any attendees, especially researchers, application developers and operators interested in inter-cloud activities
Expected Number of Participants : 30
Agenda :
  1. "OpenStack-leveraged SmartX Boxes for Futuristic Service Realization", Jong Won Kim, KR (15 min)
  2. "Could Inter-domain SDN be used for Inter-cloud on Heterogeneous Network" , Jun Bi, CN (15 min)
  3. "Philippine Government Cloud Initiatives" , Rene Mendoza, PH (15 min)
  4. "Distributed Cloud Development in Taiwan", Eric Yen, TW (15 min)
  5. "Open cloud development and management at NII", Shigetoshi Yokoyama, JP (15 min)
  6. Discussion on the direction of inter-cloud researches in APAN
Seating Arrangement : Classroom
Video Conferencing Facility : No
Remarks :