IPv6 WG Session
Chairman : Prof Ma yan
Navaneethan C. Arjuman
Members :
Objectives : A workshop format where we have some initial presentations to describe current activities, and then some general discussion on IPv6 deployment research and challenges, and promote collaboration among the APAN members. Panel discussion will be conducted in the end of the session.
Target Audience : Open for any attendees, especially the researchers, Application Developers, Academic network operators.
Expected Number of Participants : 30 - 40
Agenda : Session 01
Session Chair:
Prof Ma Yan
Latest IPv6 Updates by APAN member countries

Session 01
Session Chair:
Navaneethan C. Arjuman
New IPv6 research topic presentation
Seating Arrangement : Classroom / Theatre
Video Conferencing Facility : Yes
Remarks : IPv6 connectivity in the venue is preferred (TBD)