MOOC and Flipped Classroom
Chairman : Tosh Yamamoto
Members :
Objectives : The objective of the session is for the audience to understand the concept and potential of MOOC and Flipped Classroom in the higher education. It is hoped that they take back their experience in the session to their home institutions and to be the practitioners of MOOC to enrich the quality of instruction in their courses. (See below for the definitions of MOOC and Flipped Classroom.)

The session starts with the basic concepts of MOOC and Flipped Classroom including their related issues. And then, prominent cases of MOOC and Flipped Classroom are presented to give the clear and concrete picture.

It is convinced that this new educational model enhanced with ICT and a new learning strategy will improve the quality of learning in classrooms.
Target Audience : Higher Education
Expected Number of Participants : 40 - 80
Agenda : Session Chair:Tosh Yamamoto - Slides
Speakers are solicited from the community of prominent MOOC and flipped learning virtuosos.
Seating Arrangement : Classroom
Video Conferencing Facility : No
Remarks : MOOC is short for "a Massive Open Online Course". An online course is aimed at unlimited participation from any learners who want to learn. MOOC employs rich media for course materials offering full range of interactive interface to students as well as offering chances to build a learning community including all stakeholders in education.

Flipped Classroom is a variation of blended learning, where students learn at home new content online before class and work on problems/assignments/deeper understanding through discussion in class. In here, teachers are no longer the distributor of knowledge but navigators for the students’ exploring minds.