perfSONAR workshop (Joint APAN-Internet2-TEIN*CC)
Chairs : John Hicks
Takatoshi Ikeda
Francis Lee
Yasuichi Kitamura
Patch Lee
Zhiyan Zheng
Members :
Objectives :

perfSONAR is an open source software suite that provides a robust set of network performance monitoring tools. These tools make it easier to solve end-to-end network performance problems on paths crossing different network domains, as well as local monitoring. The perfSONAR toolkit provides a federated performance environment that is now the defacto measurement standard deploy on REN globally.

The proposed workshop will introduce the concept of network performance, and network monitoring tools. We will present an overview of network performance measurement tools and techniques, focusing on the deployment of the perfSONAR toolkit. Attendees will learn how to install and use perfSONAR, and how to integrate their testing needs with that of the large research community. Goals of this tutorial include familiarizing attendees with the proper way to install and configure software, as well as how these tools aid in debugging complex problems.

Target Audience : Researchers, Scientists, Network Engineers
Expected Number of Participants : 10 (Registration closed)
Agenda :
  • Introduction to Performance Measurement and Monitoring - Slides
  • Performance Primer, How TCP works - Slides
  • Performance Primer, How TCP works (Cont.)
  • Hardware Considerations - Slides
  • Hands-on - Configuration of Remote Measurement Hosts - Slides
  • Network Architecture Overview and Machine Placement - Slides
  • Hands-on - Interpretation of Measurements from Remote Hosts - Slides
  • Hands-on - Using Performance Tools - Slides
  • Tutorial - OWAMP - Slides
  • Debugging Strategies - Slides
  • Measurement Narratives and Use Cases in ASIA. ( TEIN deployment and APAN deployment.) - APAN, TEIN
  • Closing Remarks
Seating Arrangement : Classroom
Video Conferencing Facility : No
Remarks : Participants should bring their own notebooks, which they will use for the training.