Call for Papers
Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Advanced Network
37th Meeting, January 20 - 24, 2014
Bandung, Indonesia


Chris Elvidge, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA [chris.elvidge AT]

Selected papers from the 37th APAN will be published online as part of the APAN Proceedings ( Papers are invited from presenters in any of the scheduled sessions. There is no requirement for presenters to submit a paper. However, any presenter is welcome to submit a paper. Each submitted paper will be reviewed and scored by three independent reviewers. In some cases papers will be accepted provisionally, with specific changes recommended for revision prior to final acceptance. APAN aims to provide a forum for graduate students, faculty and researchers in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to exchange information on their research activities that are based on or make use of high bandwidth networks.

It is recommended that a prospective author contact the workshop chair to discuss and refine the concept for their paper.

Only papers that are presented in one of the scheduled sessions will be eligible for publication in the proceedings. At least one of the listed authors has to attend APAN37. The peer review process has an 80% acceptance target.


12 Sep 2013 Call for papers issued
12 Sep 2013 Web site open for submission of papers
20 Jan 2014 - 24 Jan 2014 37th APAN
07 Feb 2014 Submissions close
01 Apr 2014 Target date for publication of volume 37

Author Guidelines:

Papers should use the designated template [Download Here]. There is no set page limit, but in general six to ten pages should be sufficient for most papers. Authors are welcome to use color figures and can submit ancillary media content that can be posted for download alongside their paper.

Submission of Papers:

Authors should submit their papers at To gain access to this system you will need to establish a login. Be sure to indicate the session you are presenting in. If you do not have a full paper ready, you can also use the paper template and submission system to submit an abstract prior to APAN 37. The purpose of submitting an abstract is to indicate your interest in presenting at APAN 37. You can replace the abstract for a full paper later. Note that only full papers will be published in the proceedings.

Review of Papers:

In mid-February 2014, the editor will organize a review panel based on recommendations from the session chairs. In general, each paper will be rated by three reviewers. The review form is available for authors' perusal [Download Here]. It is anticipate that 80% of the submitted papers will be accepted for publications.

Documents to Download:

  1. Template for Papers
  2. Peer Review Form

About Bandung

Bandung has several recreational areas. Among them are tea plantations, both to the north and the south of the city, the scenery of which is indeed beautiful.



There are some hotel options near the venue of APAN37 for staying during the event.



Foreigners are required to have a valid visa to enter to Indonesia. There are few exemption for foreigners that do not need visa to enter Indonesia.