Network Security Workshop
Chairs : Yoshiaki Kasahara [kasahara AT]
Yasuichi Kitamura [kita AT]
Members :
Objectives : To raise the security awareness and knowledge within APAN community
  • To exchange experience and knowledge in network security technologies and issues, and
  • To cooperate with other international security efforts to raise security awareness, capabilities and interoperation globally
Security related topics includes protection of the physical, intellectual, and electronic assets of the APAN and other network, including its security policies, network access controls, virus protection, network administration, auditing, and transaction security.
Target Audience : Researchers, Scientists, Network Engineers
Expected Number of Participants : 20 - 30
Agenda :
  • Side effects of IP anycast

    Speaker: Yoshinobu Matsuzaki (Internet Initiative Japan)

    IP anycast is widely used to deploy services in the internet as it is useful for distributing servers geographically and localizing attack traffic. This talk will discuss about the side effects of IP anycast that might prevent IP fragmentation attacks.

  • Trust management in Cloud Computing Storage Systems

    Speaker: Chenming Li (Kyushu University)

    Customers who utilize the IaaS cloud computing can gain many benefits in reducing their IT expenses and overhead. In reality, however, this is rarely done because of security concerns, such as identification, privacy, personalization and integration. Trust management is one of the most challenging issues in the cloud computing area. We firstly present an overview of the cloud service models and the main techniques which is used to support trust management of services in cloud environments. Secondly, we discuss some open research issues for trust management in cloud environments. Lastly, we present a trusted virtual block storage architecture in IaaS cloud computing based on virtualization and Trusted Computing technologies. Our policies are (1) isolating the management from the execution in trusted virtual block device, (2) virtualizing the trusted physical storage device and (3) restricting the permissions of platform administrators.

  • OpenSSL Heartbleed and aftermath

    Speaker: Yoshiaki Kasahara (Kyushu University)

    Recently revealed OpenSSL's "Heartbleed" vulnerability had shaken various parts of the Internet community abruptly. In this talk, I'll (re-)introduce some recent vulnerabilities including "Heartbleed," and some interesting events around them.

  • Short Introduction of ISOC's spam toolkit

    Speaker: Yasuichi Kitamura (ISOC-JP/APAN/NICT)

Seating Arrangement : Classroom
Video Conferencing Facility : TBD
Remarks :