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Hong Kong Open Exchange Point Forum

ChairsAndrew Lee [leea AT]
Che-Hoo Cheng [chcheng AT]

This session will discuss about the location of the HK termination point of the planned 10G/100G connection between Guam and HK and the possible Hong Kong Open Exchange Point for supporting easy interconnections among R&E networks around the world.  One natural option is MEGA-iAdvantage Building (MEGA-i) where almost all R&E networks which have network presence in HK are co-located but they are on different floors and they may change floors from time to time which may affect interconnections among networks.  The best arrangement is to move all R&E networks to the same room on the same floor inside MEGA-i but the key issue is co-location space, power and cross-connects at MEGA-i are expensive.  At least one other potentially cheaper option will be covered and all R&E networks have to relocate to there in order to take full advantage of it but the key issues are relocation will take time and the interconnections during the migration period may be difficult or costly.  Hopefully, the best long-term solution for all R&E networks having presence in HK can be determined at the end of the session.  (If there is enough interest, site visits will be arranged in the afternoon after the session).

No. of Participants30
AgendaSession 1
Date: 2016-08-03
Time: 11:00 - 12:30

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