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Advanced Networking and High Performance Computing Session (HPC Session)

ChairsSimon Lin [simon.lin AT]
Tan Tin Wee [tinwee AT]

In the era of Big Data, there is an even greater impetus for co-locating data with compute.  To bring data to compute, advanced networking with high data throughput is an essential requirement.  One strategy is to use high performance networking and pipe data from source of generation (e.g. LHC in CERN or SKA in Australia/South Africa) to researchers anywhere in the world who have access to high performance computing resources at their location.   Another option, which is currently the hot topic in the Life Sciences domain is to get everyone to meet at the Cloud.  Cloud providers such as Amazon AWS have been intensely marketing this solution for all genomic data to be deposited with them so that bioinformatics researchers can instantiate cloud compute instances on AWS.  Similarly EGI is provisioning cloud computing to provide services for computational requirements at the lower end of the HPC spectrum.  At the crux of the matter is the data transmission speed whether it is in-data-centre interconnects or long range trans-continental data flows.

APAN plays a key role in being at the cutting edge of high speed data transfer, and as thought leader for the past twenty years. In the next twenty years, Big Data and HPC will both increase in importance, and advanced networking will be right in the middle of this growth curve.

APAN has the opportunity to build advanced research networks to spearhead this growth.


Target AudienceAnyone with an interest on advanced networking technologies and high speed data transfers for HPC and Big Data, together with APAN’s role to spearhead such efforts
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Date: 2016-08-02
Time: 17:00 - 18:00

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