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IAM WG - Working with four campuses or nations as case studies

ChairsBrook Schofield [Brook.Schofield AT]
Heather Flanagan [hlf AT]
Nicole Harris [nicole.harris AT]
Terry Smith [t.smith AT]

During the morning sessions we will examine a campus&rsquos IAM and SSO initiatives and a national federation development activity as case studies. This examination will explore the issues encountered and successes. As a community we will work together to suggest possible solutions to assist in overcoming these issues and share in the successes with the aim of applying them to our own campuses and national federations.

The afternoon session will provide an opportunity for all APAN federations to provide updates on their local initiatives and activities sharing the knowledge and experiences.

Target AudienceCampus IT and Library, NRENs, Service providers and anyone with an interest in tackling the problems of deploying and operating identity management system at a campus thru to deploying and operating nation identity federations.
No. of Participants30
AgendaSession 2 - Case Study #1 and #2 / India and Korean nation Identity Federation
Date: 2016-08-03
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Session Chair: Heather Flanagan / Nichole Harris

Session 3 - Federation Updates, News and Activities
Date: 2016-08-03
Time: 13:30 - 15:00
Session Chair: Terry Smith
  • Hong Kong Access Federation – Setting up a pilot federation.

  • Malaysia Federation -MYREN update

  • Singapore Access Federation – Moving from pilot to production federation

  • REFEDs update + how to join the REFEDs community

Session 4 - Federation Updates, News and Activities
Date: 2016-08-03
Time: 15:30 - 17:00
Session Chair: Brook Schofield
  • XEAP Project update - APAN_IAM_Task_Force_Survey.pdf

    The eduroam project for the APAN region eduroam updates from countries participating in the XEAP Project.

  • Australian Access federation update - AAF_Fedeation_update_for_APAN42.pdf

  • Singapore Federation

    Integration with IdP that use ADFS, building a bridge.

  • Japanese Federation Update - APAN42-eduroam-Goto.pdf

  • Call for updates from other federations or campuses with active IAM or SSO projects

Session 5 - Next Steps for the APAN IAM Task Force
Date: 2016-08-03
Time: 17:00 - 18:00
Session Chair: Terry Smith
  • Discussions

  • Making contact with missing APAN nations

  • Developing a road mapping

  • Identifying funding sources

Seating ArrangementClassroom