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Closing Plenary

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Date: Friday 2017-02-17
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Location: Silver Oak I
Session Chair(s): Gerrit Bahlman, Director, Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN)
    1Keynote Address : Asi@Connect - Successor of TEIN Project - (PDF)
    Jennifer An, Manager, International Relations, CERNET, China
    This speech will talk about the history of TEIN project and also introduce the successor project, Asi@Connect. E-infrastructures define a global cooperation model being developed by research and education network organizations using high-speed fibre optical backbone connections. As part of EC’s Horizon 2020, there are funding opportunities reserved for developing countries available through call-for-proposals. TEIN project has been successfully supported the NREN development in Asia Region, and the further development of TEIN is complementary to enabling and promoting the collaboration of Asia research and education communities under Asi@Connect project.
    2Keynote Address : Big data changes science, radical transparence is necessary - (PDF)
    Dr. rer. nat. Johannes Keizer, GODAN & FAO
    We are living at the moment a dramatic paradigm shift in science. Two revolutions, the "life science revolution" and the "information revolution" are meeting each other with enormous consequences. Whereas in the past science was 80% data production and 20% data elaboration, this will be inversed for the future. Access to data will be of paramount importance for the future of science. This is especially true in genetics, but extends to all other areas of science as far as to very applied areas in agriculture, which can now be based on Terabytes of data from Satellites and sensors. This presentation will show that we need a data ecosystem of FAIR data to exploit the two revolutions that are happening now.