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How to plan for Network Training and Capacity Building with NSRC and APAN-TEIN in the Asi@Connect Program

  1. To provide awareness regarding recent TEIN*CC and APAN call for proposals for 2017 and 2018 to organize and host capacity building programs for national and regional REN development, based on the content of the Asi@Connect work packages
  2. To describe different types of NSRC offerings - Training Workshops, Train-the-Trainer Programs, and Direct Engineering Assistance (DEA) Programs
  3. To provide information to NRENs how to work with APAN/ASIACONNET/NSRC to plan and fund a national or regional event
Target AudienceMember NRENs seeking assistance from Asi@Connect with technical training and direct network engineering assistance on location
No. of Participants30
Session 1
(closed session)
Date: Sunday 2017-02-12
Time: 09:00 - 10:30
Location: Magnolia
Session Chair(s): Steve Huter, Network Startup Resource Center, USA
Dr. Markus Buchhorn, General Manager, APAN
    1Planning session with APAN, TEIN*CC and NSRC staff members

Session 2Date: Sunday 2017-02-12
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Location: Magnolia
    1Discuss the value proposition for dedicated R&E networks, including examples of operational RENs around the world - (PDF)
    2Discuss the role of campus networks and operational practices to make optimal use of national and regional R&E networks, including TEIN
    3Discuss some examples of NSRC's network training programs, course content, and Direct Engineering Assistance (DEA) programs - (PDF)
    4Sample highlights from TEIN4 capacity building activities working with member NRENs
    5How to work with TEIN*CC, APAN and NSRC together to plan and fund training courses and DEA programs
    6Question and Answer session to allow the participants to offer suggestions, explain the needs and objectives for their NRENs, and how to coordinate to deliver training programs as partners