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APAN45 - Call for Sessions / Presentations / Posters

APAN holds two large meetings every year, on the development and use of National Research and Education Networks (NREN), to support research, education and benefits to society.

For over twenty years APAN has supported a wide range of interests around NRENs. It has active working groups in a range of application, technology and network engineering areas, including Network Security, Identity and Access Management, IPv6, Cloud services, Telemedicine, e-Culture, Agriculture, Earth Monitoring, Network Engineering, Education, Disaster Mitigation, Internet of Things, and others (https://apan.net/wg ) . These working groups foster international collaboration and many partnerships have emerged from them.

The next APAN Meeting (#45) will be held in Singapore, over the week 25 – 29 March 2018. (https://apan.net/meetings/apan45/)

The APAN Programme Committee now invites proposals for Presentations, Sessions, Posters and Demonstrations on any topic that relates to the development, deployment or research & education use of NRENs, both domestically and internationally. Proposals from APAN Working Groups and Task Forces are given first priority by the APAN Program Committee. Other individual proposals that align with existing working groups are strongly welcomed, while new topic areas relating to NRENs are also of great interest.

Presentations are usually allocated around 20-30 minutes each. Sessions run for 60-90 minutes. Posters can be displayed all week.

Please be aware of visa requirements for visiting China, as outlined on the meeting website. It can take some time for visas for travel to China to be approved. To support travel, participants can be officially invited with a letter by the Local Organising Committee. However please note there is no general funding support available. There is a small competitive fellowship program for a limited number of places, which covers just the local costs (registration and accommodation), information is available at https://apan.net/meetings/apan45/fellowships.php

For formal academic participation, APAN also offers (optionally) formally peer-reviewed proceedings for academic papers, published at http://journals.sfu.ca/apan/index.php

To make a submission please use the relevant form:
To submit a Session proposal: https://apan.net/meetings/apan45/session-request.docx
To submit a Presentation / Poster or Demonstration proposal: https://apan.net/meetings/apan45/presentation-request.docx

Scheduling is managed by the APAN Program Committee based on the information provided through the forms.

Proposals for Working Group sessions, Task Force sessions, Workshops and other session proposals must be submitted by Nov 30, 2017, and detailed information about the session must be provided by 31 Jan 2018.

Proposals for Presentations / Posters must be submitted by 31 Jan 2018.

All proposals and updates must be sent to reach the APAN Secretariat at sec AT apan . net