Asia Pacific Advanced Network Meeting

Grand Millennium Hotel Auckland 5th - 9th August 2018

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Session Details

Closing Plenary

Session Co-ordinator(s)Francis Lee, Vice Chairman, SingAREN
Andrea Jones, REANNZ, New Zealand
Expected No. of Participants200
Date:Thursday 2018-08-09
Time:09:00 - 10:30
Location:Grand Millennium Ballroom
Session Chair(s):Nicole Ferguson, REANNZ, New Zealand
Agenda Welcome by Nicole Ferguson
1.  Agriculture Working Group: Pathways to Sustainable Development   Slides (PDF)
Takuji Kiura, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Japan
Royboon Rassameethes, Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII), Thailand

In the past, Agriculture Working Group (AgWG) was a sub-group from Earth Monitoring Group, and became independent working group at the APAN Tsukuba meeting in March 1998. Since its inception, AgWG has focused on several interesting topics in the application area such as remote sensing, field server, ICT application, and recently focused on Big Data and AI in agriculture. Many topic of discussion has been widely expanded to implementation across the region, eg. Transformation of the “Field Server” to Automated Telemetry Stations V.4.

This talk will cover some of the achievements of the group in transforming discussion and prototype to real deployment such as the establishment of National Hydroinformatics and Climate Data Center (NHC) and scale up to ASEAN Hydroinformatics Data Center (AHC). The AHC is a data-driven initiation to enrich the significant of Science and Technology tools to integrate data and good practices from various sources within ASEAN and showcase the successful implementation into practices.

The common challenge of ICT development is to transfer the advance technology, to global practice to create sustainability at all level. The universalize of advanced technology to simple usage for – everybody – everywhere – anytime – according to the Sustainable Development concept of “Leaving no one behind” is also another big challenge for science community.

2.  The Hawaiki Cable - The Next Generation of Trans-Pacific Connectivity   Slides (PDF)
Jamie Curtis, REANNZ, New Zealand
Hamid Maani, Hawaiki Cable, New Zealand
In mid 2018 the laying of the Hawaiki Cable, connecting Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa and the USA was completed. This new initiative has been 5 years in the making and has been a massive undertaking given the financial, political, technical and geographic challenges to be overcome in the word's largest ocean. This talk will outline the vision and the implementation and look at some of the opportunities that this new cable brings to the Pacific region.