Asia Pacific Advanced Network Meeting

Grand Millennium Hotel Auckland 5th - 9th August 2018

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Session Details

IAM WG Sessions

ObjectivesThe Identity and Access Management WG sessions are designed to provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in Identity management technology and policy. It targets to promote APAN-wide collaboration to facilitate identity management initiatives from the grassroots campus identity management systems through to national and international federations, eduroam and edugain. Experiences practitioners and participants from established federations will be invited to share their experience and stories about the enhanced collaboration that is being achieved locally, nationally and internationally through their identity federations.
Target AudienceCampus IT and Library, NRENs, Service providers and anyone with an interest in tackling the problems of deploying and operating identity management system at a campus thru to deploying and operating regional identity federations.
Session Co-ordinator(s)Terry Smith, Australian Access Federation
Expected No. of Participants30
Seating ArrangementTheater

Session 1 : Federation Updates from Participants

Date:Monday 2018-08-06
Time:13:30 - 15:00
Location:Tui 2
Session Chair(s):Terry Smith, Australian Access Federation
No. of Participants:30, out of which 9 have provided feeedback
AgendaReports on recent Identity and Access management initiatives and activities from nations across the Asia Pacific region.
This session will allow participants to share their experiences and learn from others as they progress through there initiatives from the grassroots campus identity management systems through to national and international federations eduroam and edugain
1.  Update on training activities/webinars that have lead up to APAN46
Terry Smith, Australian Access Federation
The Backfire project has run a number of webinars and developed a number of technical guides for use by NRENs to assist with the technical deployment of their identity federations leading up to APAN46. This presentation will report on these activities and the impact they have had assisting NREN's getting their identity federations moving forward.
2.  Update: China   Slides (PDF)
William Wan, CERNET, China
3.  Update: HKAF   Slides (PDF)
4.  Update: Korea   Slides (PDF)
Deokjai Choi, Chonnam National University, Korea
5.  Update: Malaysia   Slides (PDF)
Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi
6.  Update: Indonesia   Slides (PDF)
Mukhammad Andri Setiawan
7.  INFLIBNET Access Management Federation   Slides (PDF)
Raja V.

Session 2 : Enterprise Identity management at Universities

Date:Monday 2018-08-06
Time:15:30 - 17:00
Location:Tui 2
Session Chair(s):William Wan, CERNET, China
1.  Global initiatives in Identity federation space   Slides (PDF)
Heather Flanagan
Across the Asia Pacific region there is an large gap when it comes to enterprise identity management at universities, many lack the basic requirements for joining an identity federation, for example an identity directory and tools to manage the user's identity across the various sources of truth. Libraries and IT departments will be concerned that enabling federated access to materials means more costs on them as they have to get involved in supporting a full IAM system. In the age of decreasing funding this was (and is) a big, scary prospect. Moving this forward at universities is going to require that departments that may not have worked together before (or that even have an adversarial relationship) are going to have to work together to get the necessary campus resources to support a mature IAM system that can be used to leverage federated access. The Value Proposition paper is a start to building the support for this, but unfortunately we can't just throw a paper at the problem and hope it will resolve. The federation operators are going to have to keep working this from a political angle to get the necessary campus support. This presentation will investigate and discuss these realities proposing ideas and resources that may assist federation operators engage with their universities helping them move forward to achieve the benefits of joining the federations while justifying the expense.
2.  Improving Access to Scholarly Resources, from Anywhere, on any Device   Slides (PDF)
Heather Flanagan

Session 3 : eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

Date:Monday 2018-08-06
Time:17:00 - 17:50
Location:Tui 2
Session Chair(s):Brook Schofield, Project Development Officer, GÉANT Association
AgendaThis meeting of the eduGAIN Steering Group will offer remote attendance for global participants as well as accepting the wider federated community to attend to look at the inner workings of the eduGAIN service and seek input on the direction of the service.