Asia Pacific Advanced Network Meeting

Grand Millennium Hotel Auckland 5th - 9th August 2018

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Session Details

Cyber Performance Project Meeting

ObjectivesAs the sixth activity of Asi@Connect project, the eCulture WG is planning a live cyber performance in Pakistan around November 2018, supported by Asi@Connect and TEIN*CC. The ultimate goal of this meeting is to build up a sustainable basis for discussion and collaboration with the beneficiary and non-beneficiary countries involved in tech-culture fusion issues using the TEIN network.
Target AudiencePeople interested in Cyber Performance and eCulture
Session Co-ordinator(s)Boncheol Goo, NEXT Inc., South Korea
Expected No. of Participants25
Seating ArrangementClassroom
Date:Wednesday 2018-08-08
Time:17:00 - 18:30
Session Chair(s):Boncheol Goo, NEXT Inc., South Korea
Faridah Noor Mohd Noor, University of Malaya
AgendaFive-point Cyber Performance
To introduce members the plan of the CP and to discuss details about the host venue of the CP, financial support, network issue, artist group, contact person, and so on.