Asia Pacific Advanced Network Meeting

Grand Millennium Hotel Auckland 5th - 9th August 2018

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Session Details

Backbone Committee Meeting

ObjectivesTo provide updates on the evolution of the global connectivity and evolving priorities in R&E working to provide input to the setting of the strategic direction for APAN as per the mandate of the Backbone Committee.
Target AudienceAPAN members interested in evolving aspects and going forward strategy.
Session Co-ordinator(s)Yves Poppe, NSCC, Singapore
Andrew Lee, Indiana University, USA
Expected No. of Participants40
Seating ArrangementClassroom
Date:Monday 2018-08-06
Time:17:00 - 17:50
Location:Tasman 1
Session Chair(s):Yves Poppe, NSCC, Singapore
Andrew Lee, Indiana University, USA
No. of Participants:25, out of which 1 have provided feeedback
1.  Subsea Cable Update   Slides (PDF)
Yves Poppe, NSCC, Singapore
Exciting new developments since the last update at APAN45. The 100Gbps era is upon us for R&E networking.
2.  Brief update on R&E Networking within APAN
Kazunori Konishi, APAN-JP
3.  Principles of the GNA   Slides (PDF)
Andrew Lee, Indiana University, USA
GNA Global Network Architecture as defined at the Global R&E level is becoming increasingly important as we enter the era of 100gbps cost shared international circuits for the R&E community
4.  General Discussion on an Eventual Mandate Revision for the BackBone Committee