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ObjectivesThe Identity and Access Management Task Force meeting focuses on APAN nations that are working on developing their identity federations. It provides the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge in federation technologies and policies.

There will an examination of the successes and failures experienced with help given to guide participants to successful federation deployments on their return home. In order to understand the state of campus identity management, eduroam deployments, identity federations and integration with the global eduGAIN initiative, we accept short presentations from participating members and shared ideas on solutions as issues as they are identified. The task force will review the status of the Asis@Connect Backfire project and map out the next phase of this project between APAN47 and APAN48.

Target AudienceCampus IT and Library, NRENs, Service providers and anyone with an interest in tackling the problems of deploying and operating identity management system at a campus thru to deploying and operating regional identity federations. In particular beneficiary nations involved in the Asis@Connect Backfire project.
Activity Co-ordinator(s)Terry Smith, Australian Access Federation
Expected No. of Participants:30
Seating ArrangementClassroom

Session 1 : Federation updates

Date:Wednesday 2019-02-20
Time:13:30 - 15:00
Location:Room 205
Session Chair(s):Brook Schofield, Project Development Officer, GÉANT Association
1.  Welcome, roll call and overview
Terry Smith, Australian Access Federation
A brief introduction to the Identity and Access Management Task Force and an opportunity for all participants to identify themselves and the federation or organisation they represent.
2.  Federation updates
Presentations on current and future activities in Federated Identity and Access Management from federations across the Asia Pacific region.

Session 2 : Presentations

Date:Wednesday 2019-02-20
Time:15:30 - 17:00
Location:Room 205
Session Chair(s):Toby Chan, The Hong Kong PolyTechnic University
William Wan, CERNET, China
1.   Experiences to date deploying an Identity Federation in Sri Lanka
Thilina Pathirana, Lanka Education And Research Network
5.  Project Backfire update
Terry Smith, Australian Access Federation
An update on recent activities and successes of the Broadening Asi@Connect Knowledge on Federated Identity, Roaming and E-infrastructure (BACKFIRE) project.

Session 3 : eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

Date:Wednesday 2019-02-20
Time:17:00 - 18:00
Location:Room 205
Session Chair(s):Brook Schofield, Project Development Officer, GÉANT Association
AgendaThis meeting of the eduGAIN Steering Group will offer remote attendance for global participants as well as accepting the wider federated community to attend to look at the inner workings of the eduGAIN service and seek input on the direction of the service
1.  eduGAIN Steering group meeting
Brook Schofield, Project Development Officer, GÉANT Association