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NREN Marketing and Communications Workshop

ObjectivesThis workshop will provide attendees with initial guidance, information and some training on the art and science of good marketing and communications for NREN activities. It is not an area that the Asia Pacific is very strong in, but the need, and demand, is obvious. The sessions will provide introductory concepts around developing a strategy, some basic skills and where to find more, and some tools and other resources you can take advantage of. It will also help design efforts going forward, e.g. one-on-one clinics, online classes, etc. We will have 3-6 experienced NREN marketing and communications people facilitating the sessions. Given the international nature of research and education it also makes sense for NREN marketing efforts to be supported as an international collaboration.
Target AudienceNREN managers, marketing and communications staff, students who want to learn and help.
Activity Co-ordinator(s)Markus Buchhorn, Asia Pacific Advanced Network
Expected No. of Participants:40
Seating ArrangementClassroom
Date:Monday 2019-02-18
Time:09:00 - 17:00
Location:Room 101
Trainer(s):Markus Buchhorn, Asia Pacific Advanced Network
Helga Spitaler, GEANT
EunJin Hu, TEIN*CC, Korea
Jane Gifford , AARNet
Hazel Dobbie , REANNZ
No. of Participants:38, out of which 6 have provided feeedback
1.  What is Marcomms and why should NRENs care
Presentation One
Presentation Two
2.  Roundtable – Participants introductions, needs and challenges
3.  How to develop Marketing and Communications strategies, plans, and tactics
4.  Tools and Resources
5.  Storytelling 101, Use case development   Slides (PDF)