Activity Details

Asi@Connect WP5 Tech-Culture Fusion meeting

ObjectivesDiscussion of previous WP5 1st Call Tech-Culture Fusion sessions, planning for next round and other WP5 activity related business.

Representatives of beneficiary countries who participated in the WP5 Tech-Fusion event are invited to addend. Future participants in ongoing Tech-Fusion activities or those interested in Cyber Performance are also encouraged to participate.

Target AudienceParticipants in WP5 Tech-Culture Fusion
Activity Co-ordinator(s)Boncheol Goo, NEXT Inc., South Korea
Expected No. of Participants:14
Seating ArrangementU Shape
Video ConferencingAvailable
Date:Wednesday 2019-02-20
Time:13:30 - 15:00
Location:Room 203
Session Chair(s):Boncheol Goo, NEXT Inc., South Korea
Faridah Noor Mohd Noor, University of Malaya
Andrew Howard, National Computational Infrastructure, Australia
No. of Participants:13, out of which 0 have provided feeedback
AgendaFuture of the Tech-Culture Fusion Event Boncheol Goo