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TransPAC Update

ObjectivesThis session will give an overview of the US National Science Foundation funded TransPAC project and will update APAN members about how the project has evolved over the last 4 years, including an overview of usage of the 100G trans-oceanic TransPAC/PacificWave circuit, supported by Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and the new Hong Kong-Guam infrastructure. We will also discuss some research efforts regarding using flow data and other network telemetry to discover routing problems and other activities, as well as a very preliminary discussion about what the next iteration of the TransPAC project may look like. A presentation will be followed by an open discussion of issues to the community. Attendees are encouraged to consider ahead of time ideas for how the TransPAC project can better benefit the APAN community now and in the future.
Target AudienceEngineers, Managers
Activity Co-ordinator(s)Andrew Lee, Indiana University, USA
Expected No. of Participants:40
Seating ArrangementClassroom
Date:Thursday 2019-02-21
Time:17:00 - 18:00
Location:Room 103
Session Chair(s):TBD
No. of Participants:15, out of which 0 have provided feeedback
1.  TransPAC Project Update   Slides (PDF)
2.  HKIX Development and HKIX-R&E Updates   Slides (PDF)
3.  Hong Kong Open Exchange Updates   Slides (PDF)