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Multi-media collaboration Update

ObjectivesUnder the Asi@Connect Programme, BdREN and NORDUnet have started a fruitful collaboration on getting a multi-media collaboration project with a number of NRENs in the Asia Pacific region going. Recently, the kick-off training was done in Bangkok, Thailand, which showed great interest in this topic. This meeting will present the findings of this kick-off, the results to date, and how we plan to progress this project.
Target AudienceAPAN Participants
Activity Co-ordinator(s)Erik-Jan Bos, NORDUnet, Denmark
Expected No. of Participants:40
Seating ArrangementClassroom
Date:Thursday 2019-02-21
Time:13:30 - 15:00
Location:Room 101
Session Chair(s):A. K. M. Habibur Rahman, BdREN, Bangladesh
No. of Participants:10, out of which 0 have provided feeedback
1.  Introduction
A. K. M. Habibur Rahman, BdREN, Bangladesh
2.  Status overview of the project
Mohammad Tawrit
3.  Results until now and outcomes of the first workshop   Slides (PDF)
Erik Kikkenborg, NORDUnet
4.  Next steps
Erik Kikkenborg, NORDUnet
5.  Questions and Answers