Activity Details

5th Asi@Connect Meetings

Objectives5th Asi@Connect Governors' Meeting (closed)
Greetings and remarks of the representatives from EU, MSIT, Seoul Metropolitan City, and TEIN*CC. Reports from Asi@Connect Steering Committee and TEIN*CC (Executive Office) about the implementation of the Asi@Connect Project, including the revaluation results of the 3rd Call for Proposals, financial reports and budget plans. And it will be followed by discussions about the sustainability and next phase of the Asi@Connect project.

5th Asi@Connect Project Meeting (Open to all)
Reports from Asi@Connect partners' NRENs about the implementation of the Asi@Connect Project and related NREN activities.

Target AudienceAsi@Connect Governors and invited observers
Activity Co-ordinator(s)ByungKyu Kim, TEIN*CC, Korea
Expected No. of Participants:100
Seating ArrangementU Shape
Video ConferencingAvailable

Session 1 : Governors Meeting

Date:Tuesday 2019-02-19
Time:09:00 - 12:30
Location:Room 103
Session Chair(s):TBD

Session 2 : Project Meeting

Date:Tuesday 2019-02-19
Time:13:30 - 17:00
Location:Room 103
Session Chair(s):TBD