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Backbone Committee Meeting

ObjectivesMeeting of he APAN Backbone Committee (BBC) which coordinates the development of the APAN backbone links in the region and the interconnectivity between the APAN members with Europe and North America as well as the other regions of the world. Primary goals are to ensure complementarity, mutual back-up and mutual transit as well as the optimal use of R&E networking hubs and Open Exchanges. To this end, BBC meets at every APAN Conference to receive update briefs from involved entities and to discuss strategies ahead.
Target AudienceAPAN members interested in evolving aspects and going forward strategy.
Expected No. of Participants:40
Seating ArrangementClassroom
Date:Wednesday 2019-02-20
Time:17:00 - 18:00
Location:Room 103
Session Chair(s):Yves Poppe, NSCC, Singapore
Andrew Lee, Indiana University, USA
No. of Participants:24, out of which 0 have provided feeedback
1.  Subsea Cable Update   Slides (PDF)
Yves Poppe, NSCC, Singapore
update on the major new subsea cable projects and implementations
2.  APAN cpbone Forumacity update
Kazunori Konishi, APAN-JP
update on the major activities affecting connectivity within APAN
3.  Creation of the BackBone Forum (BBF) as successor to the Backbone Committee   Slides (PDF)
Markus Buchhorn, Asia Pacific Advanced Network
Markus Buchhorn will introduce this important discussion. This initiative resulted from intensive consultations involving essentially Markus Buchhorn, Kazunori Konishi Andrew Lee and Yves Poppe. The idea is to revitalize the aging BBC by creating the Forum for a wider audience and to solicit a number of members to also form an advisory group. This discussion is expected to take at least half the allocated time slot for the BBC committee