Propose Activity for APAN48

There are several types of actvities that one can propose at APAN48. Please see the desciptions of various types of activities below.

Activities can be proposed by APAN Working Groups, APAN Task Forces, APAN Committees, APAN Member Organizations or other organizations/individuals. Please note, however that the activties proposed by APAN Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces will be given preference in scheduling.


Training activities are intended to train the partcipants or impart some knowledge on them on a certain topic/topics. There are two common forms of training activities, called workshops and tutorials.
A Workshop is an activity where a trainer or trainers lead the session and provide the participants some training on a particular topic or topics. This type of activity typically has a hands-on component where the participants get an opportunity to practice what they have learned. The number of seats in a workshop is usually limited depending on the reources available.
A Tutorial is where a speaker or speakers provide an introduction to new and emerging technology. Tutorials do not usually have any hands-on activity for the participants, and the number of participants is not limited.

Submit a Training proposal  Deadline: May 3, 2019


Sessions are activities where there are a series of talks or presentations, usually on a particular theme or topic. The presentations, talks can be followed by discusions or questions and answers on the presentation or talk.
Sessions usually have one or more session chairs who lead the session, introduce speakers, and manage time. Usually, activities organized by APAN Working Groups are of this type.

Submit a Session proposal  Deadline: May 3, 2019


A meeting is primarily intended for discussions. The APAN Board Meeting, APAN Council Meeting, Committee/Working Group/Taskforce meetings are examples.
Hoewever, some working groups conduct their Working Group Meeting at the end of a session organized by them.

Submit a Meeting proposal   Deadline: May 3, 2019

Poster Session

Continuing the success of the poster session at the APAN45 meeting in Singapore we will be holding a poster session during the lunch period on one of the days of APAN48. The poster session would provide an additional opportunity for APAN48 participants to find out more about other NREN/Regional REN activities and APAN Working Group activities. It is also an opportunity for the Working Groups and APAN member organisations to promote their activity.

Allocation of poster slots is subject to availability, as we have limited space.

Register for APAN48 Poster Session  Deadline: June 15, 2019

Lightning Talk

We will continue the success of Lightning Talks session at APAN47. A Ligtning Talk is a five minute talk which focuses on one key point. The key point can be a brilliant idea, research, successful project, a failed project, collaboration invitation, quick tip or a demonstration. This is an opportunity to share information on interesting activities that are being carried out in your research or at your NREN.
Lightning talks are an excellent opportunity for first-time speakers. Check out the G√ČANT TNC lightening talks page for examples of how others focus on one key point in a 5 minute talk.
Talks will be selected to cover a wide range of topics and will be presented one after another at the Lightning Talks session on Tuesday Jul 23 from 11:00 to 12:30.
Lightning talk proposals must include: title, author name and short (paragraph) biography, five keywords, and a short (paragraph) description of the planned talk.

Register for a Lightning Talk  Deadline: May 31, 2019