1st Organizing/program Committee meeting - 2004.8.31(Tue)

    1. Organizing Committee Meeting

           * Date/Time :  2004. 8.31 (tue)  8:00-9:00 (Bangkok Time)
           * Chair :
Surasak Sanguanpong
            * Agenda
1. Roll Call
           2. Registration
             - by when will the registration open
             - visa issues/invitation letter (need one main contact from local site)
           3. meeting advertising and sponsors
           4. Local issues
           4.1  accommodataion
                - venue hotel block (rate/ rooms)
                - other hotels to be provided?
          4.2 venue
               -  meeting rooms to be confirmed
                  many proposals have been received and we may have shortage of slots
                  to allocate further workshop proposals, or non-apan meetings.
         4.3 local information
           - travel, food, whether, transportation... to be provided by local site
        5. Fellowship status and plan
        6. Issues from program committee
          - plenary speaker
         -  reception
         - Access Grid Workshop
        7. AOB
        8. Next organization committee meeting time

        * Minutes
1. Registration
- Local site needs around one week to decide the registration fee;
  To develop the registration page, TH needs more info from program committee regaring Tutorial registration.
  TH side will try to open the registration page in october.
 2. Sponsor
two ways to call for sponsors
- Local site will seek for sponsors
- It's agreed to develop a homepage in order to call for more sponsors;
  The homepage content will be provided by Dr. Surasak shortly.
 3. Local Issues
- Accommodation : The venue hotel has around 100 double rooms with the rate of
                               USD60. Pensri will double check and confirm the info.
                              Except venue hotel, local site contacted another 4 hotels for
                               participants' consideration.
- Venue
It's said that the venue hotel can provide 2 floors for APAN Meetings.
TH consider to reserve some proper rooms on both floors in order to limit the cost;
but the tradeoff is two-floor venue may be not convenient for participants.
- local information
The relevant info was sent by Pensri during meeting time.
It's updated at http://www.apan.net/meetings/bangkok2005/info.htm
sec@th.apan.net is responsible fot invitation letters.

4. Fellowship application status
- 18 fellows have applied by now; deadline is Sep 26
5.Issues from program committee
- The reception:
  Time- Jan 25 evening (confirmed)
  Speech: MICT (almost confirmed)
- Plenary
  Time - Jan 26 morning (8:30-10:30) (confirmed)
  Keynote speaker: program committee recommend 2 speakers and accepted
                              by organizing committee
                   (1) Tom De Fanti, EVL, UIC, pioneer of CAVE, father of STARTAP
                   (2) Tony Hey, Director of the UK eScience program
- Access Grid Workshop
  Dr. Surasak will chase up the organizer to send formal proposal asap
6. Next organization committee meeting time
  October 12(Tue), same time (Consulted with program committee)

     2. Program Committee Meeting

            * Date/Time :  2004. 8.31 (tue)  9:00-10:00   (Bangkok Time)

            * Chair: Y. Kitamura
         * Agenda
1. Roll Call
        2. Review of workshop proposals
   - Review of proposals submitted after cairns meeting.
   -  Application Tech Area: Multimedia Session (2 slots) by Omar / NGI Applications Workshop (2 slots) by Okamura
   -  Network Tech Area: Lambda BoF (1 slot) by Kato / SIP, H323 BoF (2 slots) by Stephen
   - Others: CISCO Technical Workshop (1 day) / TEIN2 Meeting (1 day) / 2nd Int'l Workshop on Networking Technologies (1 day) by CRL
       3. Review of tentative schedule/Slot allocations.
      4. Invitation of keynote speakers at plenary.
  - plenary speakers, planned.
     Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Thailand
     (1) Tom De Fanti, EVL, UIC, pioneer of CAVE, father of STARTAP
     (2) Tony Hey, Director of the UK eScience program
  - Time schedule
     MICT, th will give speech in the evening reception on tuesday(1/25)
     The plenary session is planned at the first slot on wednesday(1/26).
     Note: This can be adjusted, if necessary. If you have any request, let us know asap.
  - Any other idea? and Who will do the job?
     5. Other Issues
     6. Next committee meeting.
   - Mid october, possibly with organizing committee.
     Note Internet 2 meeting is held at the end of September.

     * Minutes
1. Review of proposals submitted after cairns meeting.
The committee approved the following proposals
- Multimedia Session (2 slots)
- NGI Applications Workshop (2 slots)
- Lambda BoF (1 slot)
- SIP, H323 BoF (2 slots)
- CISCO Technical Workshop (1 day)
- TEIN2 Meeting (1 day)
- 2nd Int'l Workshop on Networking Technologies (1 day)
2. Review of tentative schedule/Slot allocations.
The following comments were made:
- J. Brown (by email): suggest to move Global collaboration from Thursday to wednesday;
                       and suggest to hold the session followed by Lambda BoF as it plans to
                       dress similar topics.
- Y. Kitamura: suggest to check with Cisco whether the cisco workshop has conflict with APAN
                       SIP tutorials (Jan 24, Jan 25); The workshop could be held on Jan 28 providing that
                      CISCO would so requested and Organizing comm reserved addional room on Jan 28.               
3. Non-apan meetings
- Y, Kitamura: APNG may have less possibility to hold meetings in Bangkok with APAN
- Okamura: at this stage, G-H has no plan to hold meeting in Bangkok but he expected
                   program committee could reserve 1 slot on Thursday afternoon for G-H.
4. Invitation of keynote speakers at plenary.
- discussed in organizing committee meeting
  Kitamura-san double checked with organizing committee and it's confirmed
  to invite the two speakers.
5. Next Committee meeting time
- Oct 12 (tue) following organizing comm meeting 

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