2nd Organizing/program Committee meeting - 2004.10.15 (Fri)

    1. Organizing Committee Meeting

           * Date/Time :  2004. 10.15 (Fri)  8:00-9:00 (Bangkok Time)
           * Chair :
Surasak Sanguanpong
            * Agenda
           0. Roll Call
1. Review Last meeting minutes
             - accommodation
             - Venue
             - Keynote Speakers
             - call for sponsors
         2. Registration
            - General registration
            - Tutorial registration
        3. CISCO Workshop & 2nd International Workshop Issues
            - Workshop Registration
            - CISCO's sponsor?
        4. Budget and Sponsor update (Dr. Anan)
        5. Fellowship Report (CY Wang/CN)
        6. Others

           * Minutes
         1. Last meeting minutes Update
         1.1  Accommodation
               - 150 rooms in the venue hotel for apan participants; most TH participants not stay in the hotel
               - 2 twin rooms in the venue hotel will be provided for APAN Secretariat
         1.2 Venue
              - It's confirmed that all apan conference will be held on the 6th floor watergate ballroom .
                Currently there are 5 meeting rooms for APAN Conference (Section A, B, C, Bangkoknoi Room and
                Banglamoo Room )
         1.3 Keynote speakers in Plenary
              - MICT was agreed to be one speaker
              - another speaker recommendation from program comm: Anne Trefethen, deputy director of the UK
                eScience program, was approved by organizing committee
          1.4 Call for Sponsors
                homepage made by Dr. Anan was reviewed, no more pointed added

           2. Registration
               - General registration
                 will be opened after one week
                 It's agreed to set up a deadline for registration; late registration and on site registration will be
                 charged additional fee (to be decided by organizing committee later)
              - Tutorial registration
               Full day tutorial, USD 50; Half day tutorial, USD 25

           3. CISCO Workshop & 2nd International Workshop Issues
                 - CISCO Workshop will have two half-day session;
                   each half day session will be charged USD 25 per attendee (CISCO will pay on behalf).
                - Dr. Surasak will contact with CISCO in Thailand, and CISCO in Singapore on the wireless setup
                   support issue
                 - As to  the registration fee for 2nd Int'l Workshop, no agreement in the meeting.
                    (after meeting, Dr Surasak proposed that the workshop free for all delegates)

          4. Budget
              Pensri reported the budget
              - Dr. Joo suggested not to make CD-room to reduce cost as all files will be on apan website.
              - Speaker support: 3 day accommodation and registration
              More details: http://www.apan.net/meetings/bangkok2005/committee/budget-10-13.xls

         5. Fellowship Report
            An Jie gave the brief report.
           - There are 45 applicants and she suggested to accept all as the plan for the BKK Meeting is to award
               50 fellows.
          - It's confirmed that 2 fellows share 1 room.
            Fellows'  hotel is 15-minute walking distance to the venue hotel;
            Local organizer will make the map in the website.
          - It's agreed that APAN Secretariat do registration for all fellows.

        6. Others
           - plan to host welcome dinner on Tuesday night outside which are only provided to foreign delegates
             due to limited space
          - Plan to host dinner on Thursday night for all apan delegates
          - Local site will appoint a staff for editing and publishing brochures and proceedings;
            Program committee will gather program information and provide it at least 1 month before the meeting.
          - Local site will appoint several room assistants for apan conference.
            The name list will be provided to apan secretariat around 1 month in advance.

     2. Program Committee Meeting

            * Date/Time :  2004. 10.15 (Fri)  9:00-10:00 (Bangkok Time)

            * Chair: BokGyu Joo
         * Agenda
           0. Roll Call
1. Review Last meeting minutes
              - whether G-H Meeting?
           2. Program Status
           2.1 review  tentative schedule
http://www.apan.net/meetings/bangkok2005/schedule.htm  (2004.10.5)
           2.2 conference program status report
                Tutorial,                   Workshop/session
           3. Updates from program committee members
               - I2 propose a report on performance monitoring and measurement infrastructures.(2004.10.13)
           4. Next step
              2004.11.15 Finalize abstracts and speaker list
           5. AOB

        * Minutes :
           1. Last Meeting minutes Update
                - G-H reserved 1 slot in last meeting, but no further update.
                  It needs to contact with G-H whether they plan to hold the meeting during APAN Conference
            2. Program Status
               Jane gave the brief report on program
               Tutorials: 5 tutorials <
               NR/AG workshop 2 sessions, AGWG  1 session, EMWG  5 sessions, ESWG  2 sessions
               eScience 4 sessions, eCulture 2 sessions
              HDTV 2 sessions, Grid 2 sessions, Lambda BoF 1 session, Global Collaboration 2 sessions,
              Multimedia 1 session, NGI Application workshop 1 session, SIP 2 sessions, Engineering 2 sessions
              CISCO Workshop - 2 half day, 2nd Int'l workshop - 1 day, TEIN 2 Meeting - 1 day

         3. Program Update
            I2 proposed a report on performance monitoring and measurement infrastructures.(2004.10.13)
           Kitamura-san will contact with Heather for the details
            (after meeting : Kitamura-san got the reply from Heather that she is planning to invite one person from
             Europe and one person from Internet2. Dr. Hirabaru can attend this session, too. We can form the
             panel session.)

          4. Next step
          2004.11.15 Finalize abstracts and speaker list

         5. Next Meeting (consulted with organizing committee)
             - November 19 (friday)
               8:00-9:00 (BKK time) for organizing committee meeting
               9:00-10:00 (BKK Time) for program committee meeting

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