Wireless Geographic Information System (W-GIS)

for Spatial Data Logging in real time.



Nitin K. Tripathi+, Phisan S.*, Pakorn A.**

Asian Institute of Technology+

P.O.Box. 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani, Thailand

nitinkt@ait.ac.th, Tel: 00-66-2-524 6392, Fax: 00-66-2-524-5597

Chulalongkorn University*

Geoinformatics and Space Technology Development Agency**




Geographic Information System (GIS) is coming up with integrated wireless technologies for implementing in real time applications. OpenGIS enables spatial data sharing and system interoperability, which leads to data integrity, timeliness and hinders data replication.  Real time data logging, updating and retrieving becomes todayí»s GIS need to improve spatial accuracy, improve attribute accuracy, minimize acquisition time frames, and remove intermediate processes that are typically required to get geographic information from the field into an application. Decision maker needs to visualize and access critical data, synchronized from different field operators in real time. The commercial softwareí»s developed for wireless applications do not provide a system in one suite for real time applications. The methodology designed and developed in this paper is describing an Open Source wireless spatial data logger for point data updating, uploading and retrieving in real time. This methodology can be ported or implemented on any mobile device having Internet access and possibility to include GPS readings, eventually with an integrated camera. Open Source softwareí»s and freeware packages, e.g. Minnesota MapServer, PhP, PostgreSQL and PostGIS are the foundation of this study. The integrated system demonstrates that reliable spatial data updating can be done in real-time. This system can be beneficial for several applications e.g. Map Updating, Military Surveillance and Defense, Tourism, Environmental, Agriculture, Flood Monitoring, Natural Hazard Management etc.